My role: UX Designer, illustrator

Tools: Adobe illustrator, Figma

Timeframe: 4 weeks (Feb 2018)

Music education website

Compository is a classical music education website for users to listen to the most recommended versions of famous classical music pieces. 

Team Contributors

Yifan Zhang

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UX Designer, UX Researcher, Illustrator

Kirsey Fam

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Web Developer

Design Process


The Problem

  • People around me are talking about they really wanted to learn more about classical music but don't know how to find the best recordings out of a large pool of record versions. 

  • It is difficult to find an approachable and interactive website aiming towards beginner classical music education.

  • So my friend and I start to think that we should utilize our experiences being listeners and musicians together with other professional musicians' feedbacks to build a simple and interactive website that can lead you one of the best versions of a certain music piece directly!

  • The easiest way to pick up a hobby: just jump in (start listening).


The Impact

  • The finished look of the website will be interactive: easy to choose musicians

  • The largest impact is for education and sharing purpose, simultaneously promoting hobbies and social interactions


Similar Products

Our team did some research on current running similar websites:


  • MusOpen

  • Ranker

  • ClassicsforKids



Data Collecting Process

The data collecting process includes three parts:

  1. Research on the best versions of numerous classical music pieces

    • Online paper search

    • Textbooks, musicians' biographies, scholar papers

    • Interview with classical music professionals

  2. Research on hypothesized users

    • Semi-structured Interviews

  3. Research on choosing the most representative music pieces of the musicians

    • Textbooks, papers, online search



With hypothesized users:

  • Do you like to use online resources to study areas you are interested in?

  • Do you have the moment when you really want to know more about classical music but find it hard to find a reliable website?


(For classical music lovers)

  • How do you usually choose the versions you want to listen to?

  • What websites do you like to use for searching a piece of music?

  • Paper Prototyping
  • Hi-fi Prototype

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